If there's one thing fans can count on from Mura Masa, it's bringing a fresh perspective to the pop tropes of our day. How many island-infused summer love songs have you heard on the radio in the last hour?

Probably the same six that play all day, and yet the 22-year-old UK producer has us shimmying around the room to "Complicated" as if we've never heard drums like these before. The song is built on a series of percussive textures, from drums to bass bumps, staggering synth noises and up-stroke guitar chords. Frequent collaborator Nao provides the melody with the same coquettish coo we heard on the pair's "Firefly." A muffled vocal on the hook gives even more sonic depth, playing with layers and distance as few modern music-makers would.

"Complicated" follows the dark groove of "Move Me" with UK rapper Octavian. Both build beautifully on the sound perfected on Masa's Grammy-nominated self-titled LP. "Complicated" premiered as Annie Mac's Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1.