It’s a woozy uptempo piece of electropop, like a cooling sheet of tulle fanning over your body on an unforgiving hot day.

As with a lot of the music Cosha makes, both on her previous and new releases, its genre is hard to pin down. Chic-esque guitars, rumbling bass, snappy hand claps and found sound samples all clatter for space underneath her breathy vocal.

But that description makes “Flacko” sound overly busy or messy. Rather, it’s a floaty, textured and cleverly layered tune, produced by her mate Alex Crossan, of Mura Masa, with a bit of extra input from Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos (“a little secret”). The song sounds designed for the nights when the hours between 1AM and 5AM seem to suddenly speed up before you’re in a third location for the sunrise. “It already felt like it had a scenery: it felt like a rave in a forest, where the moonlight is the only light. That vibe. To try and keep that from the demo, and finish the song, was difficult. But I think we nearly got there and the video fits as well.”