Mura Masa had one of the best electronic dance albums of 2017. His self-titled debut had critics cooing and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. Naturally, he's ready to move on from the format.

The "Love$ick" producer has fallen in love with the idea of the standalone single, an affair he's ready to make public with "Move Me," a dark, percussive tune featuring South London MC Octavian.

"I've been toying a lot with creating stand-alone moments rather than long-form releases," Masa is quoted in a press release. "This is the first instance of letting a track be its own story and free in the world, rather than become overthought or forced into a bigger project."

Masa met Octavian four weeks ago, and the fast-moving relationship has immediately proved fruitful.

"It feels to me like a super natural collaboration," he continues. "I love what we've managed to do working together. In the time between now and the next LP/art project, I'd love to find more moments like this and put them onto the scene. That feels like the future to me."